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Fat Chefs or Skinny Gourmets? A Food Event

When the temperatures started to rise with the arrival of spring in the Northern hemisphere a lot of my foodie friends started to talk about “losing weight”. I joined that conversation because all the cooking, blogging and not exercising during the winter took its toll on me. I don’t regret all the delicious food I made, learned to make, ate and share. What I regret is the extra pounds they left on me.

Summer is quickly approaching and we all want to look our best. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I believe that our bodies reflect our health and minds, mens sana in corpore sano “Νους Υγιής εν Σώματι Υγιή”. That’s why I decided to go on a diet. My diet, however, isn’t a typical diet where you count calories, weigh food and keep a detailed list of what you are allowed to eat and what not. I find those diets depressing. I think that all you need to eat healthily is common sense.

I’ve seen people who don’t eat carbs (you need them for energy) or fats (you need those to absorb and digest important vitamins, to maintain healthy skin and hair, to promote proper cell functions and many other things) at all and I’ve seen people who avoid fruits and vegetables altogether. I think both extremes are unhealthy and should be avoided. The key word for a healthy life has always been, and will always be, moderation.

As the Greek Philosophers used to say “Παν Μέτρον Άριστον” meaning Everything in Moderation, my Mexican friend Ben of What’s Cooking, shares this belief with me. After I posted this salad Ben commented that we should start a diet club since a lot of us were going into diets. That gave me an idea to host a food event that focused on Diet Food or Low Calorie Food. That would give us an opportunity to share our health and fitness goals with others and a list of healthy foods we can prepare to achieve those goals. Now, Ben and I are proud to announce this event called Fat Chefs or Skinny Gourmets? The rules to participate are the following:

  • Make something that you consider Diet Food for its nutritious value (high in vitamins and other nutrients and low in calories)
  • Post the recipe on your blog with a link to both, Ben’s blog and Ivy’s blog.
  • Send your entry to skinnygourmets AT gmail DOT com, stating your name, the name of the recipe, your blog’s name (if any) and your region
  • Attach a photo of your recipe
  • The deadline for this event will be June 30th.
  • Ben and I will post the roundup in the first days of July

If you don’t have a blog you can still participate. Just send us your pictures and recipes to the e-mail address above and we’ll post it with the rest.

Stay tuned. There might be some surprises for this event.

You are encouraged to share with us your health goals for this summer. For example, I want to be able to wear my speedos or bikini again or just a simple I want to feel good again suffice. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and eating healthily doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s show the world we can take control of our bodies and health!

Note: The pictures of the event badge belong to this Russian Cake and this Tropical Tuna Salad recipes.

Our Logo is not very professional but feel free to use it in your blog entries. Enjoy Eating Healthy!

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31 Responses

  1. Elly

    Great event! I will definitely be participating since I think my blog focuses on a lot of healthy food, anyway. 🙂

  2. Passionate baker...& beyond

    YAY Ivy…finally an event with some reality!I’m on board for sure!!

  3. Ivy

    We are definitely going to see both yummy and healthy recipes. Sorry to hear that you had an accident and cut yourself. Hope it will heal soon enough to get you using your cooking and baking skills again.

  4. Aparna

    Thanks for the invite, Ivy.
    Will do my best to a part of this.

  5. Ivy

    Thanks Aparna, shall be looking forward to your recipe.

  6. Pixie

    Hi Ivy,
    I just read your event, I’m sorry that I missed it. It’s been quite busy and hectic for me lately. I really like the theme of this event and I’m sure I can come up with something. I agree, everything in moderation and there’s no way I can avoid pasta all together!

  7. Ivy

    Hi Pixie, I published the event last night, so you haven’t missed anything. Shall be looking forward to receiving your recipe.

  8. Lulu

    I do not want to wear a bikini ever again! *shudder* Still, I wouldn’t mind losing some weight. 🙂

    Hmm, what do I make that’s low calorie that I could enter? Surely I’ve got something. Nothing springs to mind. I suppose that explains a lot.

  9. Ivy

    I am sure you will think of something healthy, yummy and non fat (lol), although it sounds difficult it is not impossible.

  10. Núria

    So you are making an event… Wow you know how to “take the juice out of” your diets guys!!!!! Ok, I’m taking part… of course 😀 My food is always healthy, what I can stay away of are… beers 🙁 they are so refreshing and good, not to talk about the wines 😉

  11. Cakelaw

    Cool idea Ivy – I’ll see what I can come up with.

  12. Lisa

    I am sure I can find something to submit to your event. I totally agree with you regarding diets. It really is common sense, combined with a bit of exercise. Thanks to you and Ben for hosting this event.

  13. Lore

    Ivy this is GREAT EVENT that perfectly suits the way I cook and eat so you can definitely count me in!!! I completetly agree with the concept. Counting calories is not the way to go and dieting doesn’t only mean losing weight but mainly eating in order to keep your health (eating what’s best for you) and there’s nothing more important than that.

  14. Laurie Constantino

    Great event, Ivy. Just my two cents, but there really isn’t one way of eating or dieting that is right for everyone. We all metabolize foods so differently and, as a result, need to have individualized approaches to losing weight. Healthy food, as you say, should always be the goal. I’ll be contributing!

  15. Swati: Sugarcraft India

    A lovely idea Ivy.. It will be a big help to dieters as most of the time we are wondering what to eat when on a diet ..The event is very realistic and inspiring !!

  16. Rosie

    This is a great idea Ivy, like swati says it will be a big help to dieters!

    Rosie x

  17. JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to join!

  18. Hetal

    Thanx for the wonderful comments,and introducing me to this event,would definately send my post to you..

  19. Hetal

    I had a doubt,are more than one entries ok???

  20. Ivy

    Hi Hetal, I think it would be great if you submitted more than one entry but as at the end we will give out a prize only one of your entries will be considered for the voting so when submitting state which one you want to be voted for.

  21. Sangeeth

    very good event….surely will participate

  22. Bellini Valli

    I don’t understand how I missed so many of your posts sis. Have I been sleeping under a rock? I am making my entry for this today:D

  23. karuna

    great event. will send u somthing soon.

  24. Ivy

    Thanks Karuna and welcome. We shall be looking forward to your entry.

  25. Illatharasi

    Hi Ivy, Thanks for the invitation:)
    I have emailed you my entry. Let me know if you need any other details.

  26. Elly

    Hi Ivy! I emailed my entry to you last night but I got an email back saying it didn’t go through. Not sure what the problem is. I tried forwarding it to your other email so let me know if you still don’t get it.

  27. toontz

    Hi Ivy-
    I will try and come up with something healthy (healthier) if I can. (I do love my butter, cheese and cream—I am from the Dairy State!)

  28. Ivy

    Hi toonz. Who says dairy is not healthy. On the contrary. Dairy is a must in healthy nutrition. We are not trying to starve here. It could be with low fat milk, yoghurt, cheese etc. I think you can can surely come up with something delicious.

  29. Lore

    I’ve just sent you guys my entry. Can’t wait to see the other recipes! Yay 🙂

  30. Ivy

    Thanks Lore. Shall check it out and send you a confirmation.

  31. This delicious low calorie recipe look so yummy