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Love Difference Pastries

Two times tart is a trans-cultural culinary exploration of tastes and geographies, created from the combined input of 9 individuals from Turkey and its eight surrounding countries. In Istanbul, Julie Upmeyer has commissioned half-circle pastry shells from the Bereket Borek Solonu, the small neighborhood bakery next to the Caravansarai project space. These shells hold the nine unique sweet fillings, made in Istanbul by Julie Upmeyer and the Caravansarai project team, from recipes submitted by the 9 participating individuals.

Two half tarts (each 4.5 X 3 cm) are eaten simultaneously. The combination is chosen by the eater, who decides their own pair of flavors and geographies.

The countries invited to participate are:

Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Syria, Georgia, Iraq, Iran and Azerbaijan.

I had the honour to be approached by Julie, requesting me to submit a sweet filling for a tart. I have submitted my recipe for Shiamishi and you may find out what Shiamishi is here.

If you are from the countries that have not yet submitted a recipe, which are Armenia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Azerbaijan please feel free to send a link to me or directly to Julie at caravansarai.info@gmail.com and I will pass it on to Julie.

Also if you know somebody from the blogosphere who are from these countries please inform them about this project.

Thank you,


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4 Responses

  1. Núria

    Hola Ivy! Just saw the News and Athens is WHITE!!!! Wow that’s Snow :D. My daughter would love to have it here… but it’s only raining a bit.

    I’m checking your link to see what Shiamishi is. Nice project!!!

  2. Ivy

    Hola Nuria, today is a very sunny day but there was no farmers market as there still is a lot of snow.

  3. Emiline

    Ivy, I can’t believe you speak so many languages-that’s amazing! And you live in Athens, too. I’m fascinated.

    It sounds like you have a nice, big farmers’ market there. I would probably start buying produce when it went cheap!

  4. Ivy

    Hi Emiline, I graduated a French convent school in Limassol where we had to learn all these languages.
    Most of the times I go when it’s cheaper but that day I had to go early if I wanted to take any pictures otherwise it would be impossible.