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It’s good to have friends!

I’m equally as happy as Pixie today for being awarded, although my day started really bad and I was really sad all day long. I do not want to get into this but a certain person will understand to what I am referring to. Anyway, as Shakespeare said “All’s well, that ends well”.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are very hectic for me as I ‘ve to attend my painting lessons and come back late and just have time to prepare supper for the family. Also I need to tie some loose ends as I am planning a trip with my Valentine and have tons of things to do before we leave.

So I was planning to post something for tomorrow after supper but when I finally sat at the computer and checked my e-mail I found this comment from Pixie and a link to her post. Amongst others she chose me, as well, for this Wonderful Award. Thank you Pixie.

Pixie is a New Yorker living in London and her blog is called You say tomahto and I say tomayto. She is beautiful, witty and with a great sense of humour, and I really enjoy reading her posts and her recipes. I did not get the chance to try one of her recipes yet but I have bookmarked a few, which I will try soon.

In my turn I have to pass on this Award as well to people I feel that deserve it. I am not really sure to how many I must award it to so I am following Pixie’s footsteps and shall be awarding it to five:

The very first blogger I met was Peter the Greek Kalofagas who has helped me whenever I asked for help. As Pixie has already awarded Peter I will only say “Thank you Peter for all your help”. Actually, everybody has been so kind to me that I know that those I do not mention also deserve an award.

To begin with, Val, from More Than Burnt Toast, is a wonderful person and we have exchanged e-mails helping each other out. Her love for Greece is evident in all her posts and I love the food she cooks.

Laurie, from Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska is also a friend which I have known from the time I started blogging. She has a lovely way in writing and describing her posts and I always enjoy reading them. I wish I was more fluent in English to be able to write such beautiful posts.

Nuria, from Spanish recipes, is a new friend and I love her Mediterranean temperament. I think we have the same problem because it’s very difficult to write in a foreign language.

Jenn, The Leftover Queen, is a wonderful person and a great friend. Although she has other 900 foodies- members in her blog, she makes time for us and comes to comment in our blogs. Thank you Jenn.

Elly, fro Elly says Opa, is a new friend. Although I have been seeing her commenting on Peter’s blog for a long time now, we only recently started visiting each other’s blog but I am sure that this is a friendship which shall grow.

For the others that I have left out, I am sure you will get your award from the ones I have awarded today.

I only want to add a few more words, as it is past midnight and I am feeling very tired.

When we comment on each other’s recipes I would like you as my friends to feel free to express your opinions (I will certainly express mine) and if you don’t like something, please say it to me. That’s what real friends are about and not just to say to others what they want to hear just to be pleasant.

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10 Responses

  1. JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

    Thank you so much Ivy!!!!
    I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I will treasure this!

  2. Superchef

    congrats on the award!! nice blog uve got there!! 🙂

  3. Elly

    Thank you so much, Ivy! That is very sweet of you! I’m so happy to have found your blog this month.

  4. Passionate baker...& beyond

    CONGRATS IVY…Good for you!! You deserve it!! LOL

  5. Núria

    You are sooooo sweet Ivy! Thanks soooooo much for the Award. You know what happens? While you were tired yesterday night but instead of sitting on the sofa wrote your post… I should have done the same, but I was resting in my sofa watching T.V. And left the posting for this morning… what I want to tell you is that I got nominated by Bellini Valli too! Anyway, Thanks so much, I appreciate it. I consider you such a good hearted person… smuack, smuack, smuack! I’m posting about it right now. Take care darling!

  6. Laurie Constantino

    So sorry to hear you had a bad day, Ivy. I hope today is better for you. As for the award, congratulations on receiving it and thank you very much for thinking of me! Your English sure seems fluent to me – and if you struggle with it, I never would have guessed. If only I did as well in Greek. Anyway, again congrats and thank you!

  7. Ivy

    Thanks Jenn, you deserve it.
    Hi superchef, thanks for visiting, shall drop by your blog later on.

    Thanks Deeba, so sweet of you.
    Elly, I am glad I found you as well.
    Nuria, it doesn’t matter who nominated us, I am glad Val did.
    Laurie, There are times I want to say much more but When I am not sure about the translation I skip it or try to write it in a much simpler way. Although I have a proficiency degree in English, before blogging I did not use the language much but now I am back, I am even thinking in English again, which I used to do for many years when I was much younger.

  8. Bellini Valli

    Have a wonderful time with your Valentine Ivy. Bring back lots of cherished memories.

  9. Pixie

    Hi sweetie,

    You truly deserved this award and I’m sorry to hear you were having a bad day when you received it, I hope it cheered you up a bit. You should always have a smile on your face!

    And what lovely things you said about me, i’m so touched by your kindness.

    I agree about being honest, blogging can sometimes be a tricky world.

    All the best,


  10. Ivy

    Well you really made my day after a sh#@%$y one. It’s all behind me now and I am moving on.