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Zesty Grilled Pork Chops or spare ribs

Today I will be posting three recipes to make a complete lunch. Marinated pork chops with Pommes Lyonnaises and Tambouli salad.

Pork can be made more flavourful by marinating or seasoning before cooking. The main thing to remember when cooking pork chops is not to overcook when roasting, since overcooking will cause the meat to dry out.

During summer we usually barbecue the pork chops outdoor but now that it’s cold we usually grill them. I have a very old grill which I do not want to depart with as it is the best although I can grill them in the oven and I have the robot grilling oven but I think this makes zesty pork chops.


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Grilling time: 45 minutes

  • Pork Chops (1 for each person)
  • ½ tsp. finely ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • ½ tsp.garlic powder (optional)
  • Mild mustard
  • Salt


First of all wash pork chops and place in a bowl.

Rub pork chops with mustard, oregano, garlic powder, salt and pepper, all over the meat. Leave it in the refrigerator for about one hour.

I usually add two glasses of water in the grill and then place the grill so that the steam makes them tender and juicy.

Grill or Barbecue.

See recipes for Pommes Lyonnaises and Tambouli Salad.

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  1. Peter M

    The “brizoles” look succulent and I’m going to try this marinade, thanks Ivy!