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How do I fry meat

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  • When you sauté meat do not put too much oil in saucepan. Put only as much as to cover bottom of saucepan.

  • Never sauté meat which is still frozen.

  • Never put a lid on top of hot oil.

  • When frying use the special top which is like a metal sieve

  • If you get burnt and do not have a cream for burning, use either margarine or toothpaste.

  • When you fry potatoes with olive oil, never throw the used oil away, because it is very expensive. You can use it once more for frying fish, meat balls or snitzel etc., in this case the oil is useless after frying, or use it for baking roast meat.

Olive oil is full of vitamins and is very beneficial to our health but when sautéing the valuable vitamins are destroyed because of the high temperature. For this reason and because olive oil has many calories, when writing my recipes I always say “just wet the bottom of the pan..”. When the food is cooked if we have not problem with calories we can add a little extra olive oil in the pan and let it rest for 5 minutes before serving.

Sharing is caring!

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