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Roxakia are Greek vegan, bicoloured, yeasted dough cookies, which after being baked are drenched in syrup. The original recipe is not vegan as it requires eggs and milk in the dough.  I have made my own Lenten version with no milk and no eggs and they were even better than the original ones. 

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Lemon curd is a dessert spread and topping like a velvety custard, usually made with citrus fruit, zest and juice of lemons or even limes, oranges or tangerines, butter, eggs, corn flour (starch) and sugar.  It can be eaten as it is, or served as a spread on bread or biscuits or as a filling for pies, tarts or cakes.

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Ravani or revani is one of those traditional Greek desserts our mums used to make.  The classic recipe of Ravani is made with semolina and yoghurt and then drenched in syrup.  A similar recipe is made by other cultures as well and we find it under the names Basbousa, Basbuusa, nammoura, shamali etc.

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