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I have made this spicy tomato sauce recently and have used it in a few recipes which will be posted soon. I call it a winter sauce because I have used tinned tomatoes, whereas in summer I would have used fresh ripe tomatoes and may be some fresh basil or fresh oregano in it. Making your own sauces from scratch is very easy, there are no preservatives and it’s much more cheaper, so here’s a good start on saving time and money.

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Gavros Plaki (baked anchovies) is one of the relatively cheap fish and that is why it is called “fish of the poor”.

During the season it is fished in abundance it ranges around 4 – 5 Euros a kilo and when the catch is not good, around the period when there is full moon, it reaches maximum 10 Euros a kilo.

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I wish to apologise for not being around lately and visiting your blogs as often as I would like to.  I try and visit back those who leave a comment at the blog or on facebook. I am working hard on the book and hopefully I will have it published by the end of  November, …

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Vazania, as they are called in the Cypriot dialect, (in Greece they are called melitzanes), is a simple dish made withe fried eggplants and potatoes, which are cooked, together in a tomato sauce to make them “giahni” (stewed).  This vegan dish, uses only a few ingredients, so it’s not only frugal but also very delicious.

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