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Arni me Melitzanes sti Gastra, which means Lamb and Eggplant Casserole, is a delicious stewed dish which is easy to make and makes a perfect Sunday lunch meal. The meat becomes so tender that it falls, off the bone with a delicious sauce to mop up with crusty bread or served on pita bread.

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“Chaniotiko Boureki”. Chaniotiko is a casserrole dish from Chania, Crete. Boureki is usually something made with phyllo which encloses a filling. Do not confuse it with the Turkish borek, as this is something totally different, although in some cases phyllo is also used.

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Moussakas is the most known Greek dish.  Sometimes we want to go meatless, so if you also want to avoid eating meat you should try this amazing recipe, with Greek feta and Italian mozarella, adding lots of onions,  feta and a marinara sauce and topped with a bechamel sauce with feta in it.  

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