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Announcing Creative Concoctions #4 and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Giveaway

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Today is Mother’s Day, so I would like to wish all the moms in the world “Happy Mother’s Day”!

Οlive oil is  by far the greatest exponent of monosaturated fat and base of the Mediterranean diet, which is regarded to be the exemplar of correct and healthy diet and a factor of longevity.

Greece is one of the three largest olive oil producing countries in the world.   It is, however, the only one with a production of extra virgin olive oil that tops 70%.

Even though Greeks have the highest olive oil consumption worldwide – 16 to 20 kilos per capita annually –  we can still export large quantities. In fact, Greece is one of the largest exporters of extra virgin olive oil.   Most exports are meant for other olive oil producing countries in the Mediterrranean, which use Greek olive oil in their blends, in order to improve the quality and taste of olive oils they standardize. So, it is possible that you may have had the benefit of Greek olive oil, even if  you have never bought a Greek brand.

In case somebody wants to be sure that he consumes a 100% Greek extra virgin olive oil, he has to try Altis.

It is my pleasure to announce that “Altis”,  the leading Olive Oil brand in Greece,  will be sponsoring my event Creative Concoctions with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.   Altis extra virgin oilive oil derives from every year’s best harvest and is a top quality product, adding great taste to everyday salads and meals.

For each event, 2 winners will win a 1 litre bottle of the best Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, during the next few months so as to give you the chance to bring the authentic taste of Greece to your kitchen with a minimum of effort.


Altis, in ancient Greek Άλτις, is synonymous to  alsos – άλσος =  a grove  belonging to a sanctuary), carries the name of the ancient olive groves of Ilida in ancient Olympia, from which the wreath awarded to the Olympic games champions was cut.

Facts about olive oil

It is one of the healthiest choices among vegetable oils!

It contributes in the formation of a well-balanced diet!

It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (recommended for the replacement of saturated fats). This helps maintain low cholesterol levels.

It is a natural source of antioxidants. As part of a healthy life style, antioxidants may help re-enforce the immune system.

Succeeding in combining all nutritional benefits, the full taste and aroma of freshly picked olives along with an “essence” of the ancient philosophy, Altis is sold all over Greece, as well as in European countries, Australia, Africa, Cyprus, North America and South America.

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I recently communicated with the people at Elais and asked them why Altis is the top Greek olive oil preferred by the consumers?

Here is what the people of Elais told me:

“Within the framework of our quality strategy, we have been applying for many years a holistic quality control system, from the olive press to consumption, in order to ensure the purity and authenticity of our Olive Oils.

  • We have a deep knowledge about Olive Oil, a product which we love and care for.
  • We know how to distinguish good Olive Oil from very early on.
  • We travel throughout Greece, from when the olive trees start blossoming.
  • We monitor closely the parameters that affect production, in order to predict the quality and the quantity of Olive Oil per region.
  • We watch the olive pressing in the most important Olive Oil producing areas of the country.
  • We check the samples against our very high standards, so that we can guarantee that the Olive Oil we select has the highest quality and taste.
  • We only pick the varieties that steadily give our Olive Oil the rich taste consumers have known and trusted many years now.

More specifically, our quality strategy involves the following parameters:
1. Screening of more than 70% of the annual Olive Oil production in Greece, in order to select the best varieties and productions. This process takes place for more than 15 years.
2. Dividing Greece in geographical areas, regions, and micro zones.
3. Mapping characteristics of every region (cultivation practices, height, micro climate, region, variety of olives) and comparing olives crops of previous years.
4. Forecasting the coming crop and selecting the best part of the crop for our Olive Oil.
5. Researching the mills-delivery of olives, temperature of production, quality of machinery, warehousing.
6. Applying 30,000 analytical tests annually, in the framework of the standards requested by the European Union
7. Ensuring all the quality characteristics of Olive Oil, such as low acidity, purity and preserving of all its nutritional elements
8. Quality mapping taking place to our lab, which is the only lab belonging to a foods company that has been certified by the National Board of Certifications

Until the last drop…We care for Altis!”

Greeks use olive oil in cooking not only for the flavor it gives to a dish but also because of its biological and nutritional values . It is not just a cooking oil, therefore, the highest grade or extra virgin is always used.

This is the reason why Greek Cuisine is simple and just a few spices are used as when using Greek olive oil, nothing else apart from salt and pepper is really necessary to bring out the wonderful taste of olive oil.

Greeks can’t consider a meal without Olive Oil, uncooked in their salads and dips or cooked with meat, fish, pasta or vegetables but it is also gaining popularity in a lot of desserts as well!


If you would like to participate to this event, here are the rules:

1. Post a creative savory recipe you have created or tweaked using Olive Oil.     It does not have to be Greek olive oil but tell us why you prefer to cook or use olive oil.

2. Please e-mail your entries at ivyliac AT gmail DOT com. Posts must contain the phrase Creative Concoctions #4 – Cooking with Olive Oil and must include a link to Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality. Feel free to use the new logo if you like.

3. In your email please also include Creative Concoctions # 4 in the subject as well as the following information, which copy paste and fill the details:

  • M Name:
  • My Blog Name/URL:
  • My Post URL:
  • Attach a photo (500 px wide).

(If you don’t know how to do this please send me a big picture and I will resize it for you).

4. If you don’t have a blog but have a Facebook account you can post your recipe and photo creating a Note on Facebook. For those not having a food related blog nor a facebook account but would still like to participate, you may e-mail the recipe to me with the name of the dish, a photo, your name and location and provided you comply with the rules, the recipe will be hosted here on my blog as a guest post on your behalf.

5. Only recipes in English are acceptable, so if you have a blog in an other language, the recipe must also be translated into English.

6. As stated in previous events, each entry will be numbered as soon as received and there will be a giveaway when we reach 100 entries using    However, the participants in the Olive Oil events will have the chance to also win “Altis” Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the end of each event.   The readers will vote and the participants getting the most votes will be the winners.

7. Please send your entries from 8 – 24th May, 2011.   The roundup will be posted on the 25th May ad there will be a short period of voting.   The winners will be announced on Friday the 27th May, in the morning (Athens time).

8. You are free to link to other events as well.

9.   Disclaimer: I don’t like writing disclaimers but a few things should be clarified.

  • I have not received any kind of payment from the Company either in money or in products but I have tried and enjoyed this product for many years and I am trying to give you an opportunity to do so too!
  • No purchase is necessary to enter or win.
  • The winners will be announced at the end of the roundup post but also notified by me by e-mail.  Their names and address (no P.O.Box is acceptable) will be sent by e-mail y to “Altis” as they will und ertake the shipping of the product.
  • The Winners must claim their prize within 1 week after notification or the prize will be added to the next event.
  • “Altis” will pay for shipping and postage.   Any tax, is the sole responsibility of the winner.
  • In case something “bad” happens on the way, we are sorry but both “Altis” and “Kopiaste” will not be considered liable, as this is beyond our control.

By entering you agree to all the above.

I look forward to reading everyone’s entries, so join the fun with your yummy concoctions 🙂

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi!



Sharing is caring!


Thursday 12th of May 2011

Great event Ivy! I will see what I can dig up! My recent post


Wednesday 11th of May 2011

Fantastic event! How can I not participate when I adore olive oil more than anything in the kitchen~~well, as much as olives! Need to taste this Greek olive oil, I am so intrigued~ My recent post Lebanese caramel Dibs wTahineh

Angie's Recipes

Tuesday 10th of May 2011

A great give-away! Who doesn't love olive oil? I hope I can come up with something nice and wholesome. My recent post Chicken Rice with Black Fungus- Parmesan and Cherry Radish Leaves


Sunday 8th of May 2011

I can't wait to see people's creations!



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