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Kaskavalli is a Cypriot table cheese, which I would describe to be similar to kefalograviera.  It is a hard, yellow cheese and it is characteristic from the many holes it has, when it is cut. 

Its origin is from Italy but I don’t know when they started making this cheese in Cyprus, probably during the Venetian occupancy of the island.

The Italian name of this cheese is cacio cavallo, which means “horse cheese” as it was believed that it was made of mare’s milk but there is no historical evidence of this. Nowadays this Southern Italian provolone cheese is made with cow’s milk.  It is more likely that it was named cacio cavallo because they usually tie two balls of cheese at a time, with one string and then hang them from a beam “a cavallo” to dry, as though astride a horse.

Sharing is caring!

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