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Easter Recipes and what to do with your Leftovers

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Greek Orthodox Easter is just around the corner, so if you would like to get an idea of what to prepare, I have put together some of my Easter recipes and a few ideas of what to do what to do with your leftovers.

On Easter day a lot of people celebrate their name days:  Lambros – Lambrini, Anastasios – Anastasia, Paschalis – Paschalia or whatever their pet names may be.  Easter day, also coincides with the name day of Irene or Irenaios, Efraimia or Efraim.  George, Georgia and Zoe will also be celebrating on Monday, after Easter.  This happens whenever Easter is after the 23rd April, (the celebration of the feast of St. George),  the name day is moved to the first Monday after Easter or, as it is sometimes called, to the Monday of Bright Week.

I have also included some cakes in the list, for those who will be celebrating their name days.   Happy Name day to you all!


Ovelias – whole Lamb on the Spit



Kokoretsi and Magiritsa

lamb on the spit image

 Lamb or Pork wrapped in vine leaves

Pork wrapped in vine leaves image

 Arni or Katsiki Psito (Roasted Lamb or Goat)

lamb- goat or Pork roast ps

Goat or lamb liver with whiskey and herbs

goat liver with whiskey image

Tourkakia (grilled offals)

Tourkakia served image

Spring Lettuce and Egg Salad

Spring Salad image

Salad bar (salads for all the tastes)

How to make real Greek Tzatziki

Dakos Savoury Cheesecake

Flaounes (Easter Cheese Bread)


Tsoureki Flower filled with Praline

Tsourekia with chestnut filling

Tsourekia with Lemon Marmalade Filling

Tsourekia with Chestnut filling and Chocolate Glaze

Tsoureki Cake

Braided Savory CheeseTsoureki

Traditional Lambriatika Koulourakia (Easter cookies)

Lambriatika Koulourakia

Limoncello Lychnarakia or Kaltsounia



Caramelized Galatopita (baked milk pudding)


Ekmek Kataifi

Galaktoboureko (the classic recipe)

Galaktoboureko (with lemon curd)

Baklavas Tart with Chocolate

Kataifi Nests with Galaktoboureko filling


Strawberry Red Velvet Cake

Mascarpone Cream Cheese Black Forest

Black Forest with Caramelized Rum Cherries

Bergamot, White Chocolate Cake

What to do with leftovers:

With Easter Eggs:

Deviled Eggs

Deconstructed and Healthier Piroskis

Spring Salad with Mustard Ladolemono

With Lamb:

Arni Exohiko (wrapped in phyllo)

Cottage Pie (turn it into a shepherd’s pie using lamb)

Lamb Pie or Gyros with leftover lamb

With Tsoureki:

Tsoureki Bread Pudding


Easter wishes image

Kalo Pascha!
Kopiaste and Kali Orexi,

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  1. Great ideas! I never throw away leftovers and like you I always re-use them.



  2. de superbe recettes, merci pour le conseil
    bonne journée

  3. “Roasted Lamb or Goat” – Now THAT sounds like the perfect Easter dinner! Great suggestions!

  4. PG

    Piroskis are really a lovely idea of using up the easter eggs. what lovely pictures! And you surely deserve the award!