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No guarantees over Cyprus

You all know that I am from Cyprus and I am appealing to all of you my friends to sign this Petition so that no foreign guarantees are imposed over Cyprus in any solution they might agree .


‘Negotiations are underway in Cyprus between Demetris Christofias and Mehmet Ali Talat towards reaching a solution to the Cyprus Question. The Turkish side wishes to see the continuation of the system of guarantees established by the Treaty of Guarantee of 1960 or even the creation of a new mechanism of guarantees.

‘This cannot be acceptable. The Treaty of Guarantee was the alleged justification for Turkey’s use of force against Cyprus in 1974. An EU Member-State cannot be party to any system of third States’ rights over its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Cyprus must not become hostage once again.

‘By the said petition we, as the civil society, aim to enhance the resistance to such plans while the negotiations for a solution are underway.’
When signing the top 100 who have signed will appear in the list.

SIGN THE PETITION NOW AT: www.isxys.org/no-guarantees

Thank you!!

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  1. Ivy, thank you for making me aware of this petition.