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An update on Bri and some new prizes

I was request by Bee, of Jugalbandi to place a price for the bid on this book. The price set for this wonderful book is U.S.$25.- and the expenses for shipping will be covered by me, worldwide.

You can support this campaign by donating to the fund-raiser, by participating in CLICK: the photo event, and by publicizing this campaign or by placing your bids on our donations.

If you want to place your bids on this book please visit Jugalbandi and fill in the form using the code “kopiaste” for your bid.

Thanks a lot for reading the post. Even if most of us don’t know Bri personally, we all have come together for this good cause. I contributed what I could, and I request all of you to please do what you can. Please find it in your heart to make a contribution to make Bri’s life a little easier. It does not have to be a lot, even a small amount makes a big difference. If you like to be one of them, click on the widget chip-in button which you will find at Jugalbandi to contribute. Thank you.

After paying, you will then be added on the list of bids.

Thank you,

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8 Responses

  1. Lulu Barbarian

    I assume payment could be made via PayPal? If so, then I bid $50 U.S.

  2. Ivy

    Lulu, thank you very much. I am not really sure about the procedure myself. Shall talk with Bee and Jai and when I get a reply I will tell you about it. Thanks a lot, your offer is very generous.

  3. bee

    thanks for your support and generosity, dear ivy.

    dear lulu,
    you first have to pay using the chipin widget here.

    then scroll down and fill that form, using the code “Kopiaste”.


  4. Nikki Miller-Ka

    I put up a blog post about Bri. it’s really touched my heart. I’m glad to see you taking part, too.

  5. Lisa

    I’d like a copy too, and I am more than happy to pledge $50 paypal dollars to this fine cause. Other methods of contribution work for me too. It’s not about the book, but the struggle. My thoughts are very much with Bri and her family.

  6. Lulu Barbarian

    Understood, thanks!

  7. Lulu

    I’m having some problems with my new PayPal account. I’ll probably have to donate some other way.

  8. Ivy

    Lulu, I am sure you will find a way to do this.