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"Spanish Recipes" with Iberian Ham

Two good friends of mine, Nuria from Spanish Recipes and Pixie from You say Tomahto, I say Tomato, sent me a message about the same time, asking if we could exchange parcels with local things from each country.

Around end of April I received both parcels with a few days difference but unfortunately it was during Lent and we were fasting, so we could not taste them.

Nuria’s package came first and here’s what she sent me.

Wow, Iberian Ham! I have seen Nuria posting about this many times and was hoping for either the Iberian Ham or for a Chorizo and how lucky I was, Nuria had read my thoughts.

I searched the internet to find a suitable recipe but unfortunately I didn’t. I did however learn a lot about the ham here.

On Easter Monday, when we returned from our short Easter get away, whilst my husband was barbecuing I thought that it was the right time to try the ham and headed into the kitchen to prepare a meze with ouzo until the dinner was served and I made pa-amb-tomquet-i-pernil, at least I tried to do something like the one Nuria did.

I cut one of the Easter Breads I made (and by the way even five days after I had made it, it was still fresh and absolutely delicious) and gave it to my husband to toast on the barbecue.

Then I wet the bread with olive oil and some salt, pepper and oregano and added some grated tomato on top, a slice of Iberian Ham and an extra piece of tomato and salt on top. It was fantastic and super delicious. I couldn’t keep them away from the platter to take the photos and those empty spaces are evidence of what I am saying.

There was still some left but then the boys were not feeling well so it rested in the refrigerator until yesterday when I used it in a couple of ways.

One was in a salad with raw mushrooms and spinach with herbs and cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese and Iberian Ham, dressed with a strawberry dressing (that was my diet dinner).

For the others I prepared an omelette with mushrooms, fresh cardamom, three different colour peppers, spring onions, wine, salt and pepper.

My version of Spanish omelette

Ingredients for two:

4 slices of Iberian Ham
2 fresh portobello mushrooms
1 cup of peppers, (yellow, orange, red)
2 spring onions
4 – 5 fresh cardamom sprigs (optional)
4 eggs
2 spoonfuls of olive oil
3 – 4 spoonfuls of white dry wine


After a quick sautéing of the mushrooms for a couple of minutes, in a non stick frying pan, I added the onion and shortly after a few spoonfuls of wine until it evaporated, then I added all the other ingredients and just before I turned the omelette over I added the Iberian ham.

Thanks Nuria and Pixie for the parcels. I shall blog about Pixie’ s parcel soon.

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16 Responses

  1. Elly

    Looks great, Ivy. I had Iberian ham for the first time a couple months ago (apparently it was never available in the US before) and I couldn’t get over how great it tasted! What a great exchange.

  2. Peter G

    What a great package Ivy! Lucky you! Iberian Ham is such a treat. Strangely enough I jjust had some two days ago and sure enough it was delicious. Good to see you getting creative with it!

  3. Ivy

    Elly, imagine if there was none in the States, I am sure there will be none in Greece.

    Peter, what a surprise. Have you signed up with blogger. It’s nice to see your photo next to your comment.

  4. Núria

    Yujjjjjjjuuuuu Ivy! So you liked it!!! The best way to eat it is the first one… no doubt! But the other ways look so delicious too 😀 Great Job!!!

    The omelette looks fantastic and similar to the Murcian omelette (they use all they have in the garden to cook it), so it’s a bit alike and surely as tasteful with the addition of the ham.

    Have a great weekend darling!

  5. Ivy

    Are you kidding. We loved it. Thanks again. The omelette was very good as well, although I had to eat the salad I did try it.

  6. Lore

    The toasts are my favourite and those missing slices just proved me I have quite an eye for anything delish :)).

  7. Ivy

    Super delish!!

  8. Rosie

    Yuuuuummy Ivy it all looks so delicious!

    Ivy I have an award for you on my blog sweetie 🙂


    Rosie x

  9. Bellini Valli

    Lucky you Sis. The Iberian Ham sounds amazing!!!!

  10. Ivy

    Rosie, thank you very much for the award, I shall cherish it sweetie.

    Sis, I just came from your blog and found your comment. It seems that we were writing simultaneously:))

  11. Ann

    What a wonderful item to receive! And what good use you made of it!

  12. Ivy

    Thank you Ann.

  13. Maria

    Ivy I love Iberian Ham. My parents are spanish so I’ve experienced wonderful spanish ham many times ;o)


  14. Ivy

    That’s wonderful Maria.

  15. Swati: Sugarcraft India

    Looks delicious Ivy!!
    I have an award for you dear :)))

  16. Ivy

    Thanks so much Swati. It means so much for me. Actually you beat me to it as I have an award to pass on and you are on my list but do not find any time to write.