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Great Cooks Community

As you might have noticed I am a member of the Great Cooks Community for a while now. I have signed up in many communities but most of them didn’t even bother to say welcome.

Jill,who has created this forum and has her own site Simple Daily Recipes, welcomed me from the very first moment and made me feel very comfortable there. Her husband Charles, who is the resident web developer of site has also sent each one of us an e-mail informing us that he is there to offer any help we need, although I must say I did not have any problems as everything is so simple and clear.

For this reason I decided to join their Blogroll, as well. I have found many of my friends there but have also made some new friends as well because we actually interact between us. We exchange e-mails, have become friends and get to see so many beautiful recipes. I’ve also seen some contests organized by members.

I would be glad to see some more friends over there. Ben, Nuria, Pixie, Deeba, Peter G and Rosie are already members.

I have created a Group there called Greek Food Lovers and I would be happy to see you join the group.

If there are any others who are members and I have not mentioned, please let me know.

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9 Responses

  1. Jill

    Thank you Ivy! This is a wonderful write up for Great Cooks!

    I completely agree with you. In this big ol’blogosphere, it’s cool to have a place like Great Cooks Community for us to hang together.

    I’m so glad you joined and I look forward to our long friendship.

  2. Peter G

    I was there from the beginning after Ben sent me an invite. Admittedly a little slack, I need to update a few things there. I actually messaged you to add me as a contact but I didn’t hear back….

  3. Ivy

    So do I Jill, and I am sure we will have a long friendship.

  4. Ivy

    Peter I am glad you are there as well. I haven’t seen your message but I will check it out again.

  5. Passionate baker...& beyond

    Thanks Ivy…will join your group asap. Life is busy as usual & have yet to organise my life wrt the net. Too much to do & too little time … how’ve you been girl? Is Tupperware keeping you busy? Keep smiling…:0)

  6. Ivy

    Thanks Deeba, looking forward for you to join. You are right too much to do and so little time. I have to slow down a bit, I keep saying this every time but I think I am blogaholic (lol). I can get away from the computer but still I have to post less times. Tupperware is going well and it takes some of my afternoons but not too many hours.

  7. Laurie Constantino

    Thanks for the invite Ivy – I’ll defintiely be checking this out!

  8. Cakelaw

    Hi Ivy, Thanks for the invitation to join your Greek Food Lovers Community – it is a greatinitiative!

  9. Núria

    Hola Ivy, thanks for mentioning. Yes I’m part of great cooks but I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to arrange my site there and post and email and make new friends there… I’m already so busy with my blog 🙁 It’s happening the same to me with other Recipes groups. Don’t have more time to upload recipes everywhere.