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If you ever come to Athens, Plaka is one of the most popular places to go and visit. It’s just on the foothill of the Acropolis and is full of nice tavernas and tourist shops and walking around Plaka you can get to see so many antiquities like the Tower of the Winds, which is a part of the ancient Roman Agora and the Mosque which is on the grounds of the Roman Agora, further down is the Gate of Adrianos, Monastiraki, Thissio and of course the Acropolis with its new museum and so many other things to see if you visit plaka. If you detour off the main roads of plaka there are nice buildings and street you can walk through and find some good museums hidden in its narrow streets such as the Frissiras Museum of Contemporary Greek and European Painting which we visited last week with my friends from the painting classes I attend.

You must be wondering why am I writing all this? First of all I was inspired by Val’s painting which led my thoughts to Plaka and after giving you a small description of the places you can see in Plaka, this is my way to say thank you to Val, of More than Burnt Toast, who nominated me for the Excellent Award. I want to tell Val that when she visits Greece (and I hope that it will be soon) we shall go and visit Plaka together, although I am sure she has visited the last time she was in Greece but there is another place near Plaka which is not yet well known to the tourists. This is a place where you can find good authentic Greek food and nightlife and it is called at Psiri’s and that’s where I want to show her and her family around when they visit. Val pack your bags I am waiting for you.

Val, I wish I could have given this award back to you again not only because you deserve it but after reading your post I saw how many other people you wanted to give it to.

I now have to nominate five other co-writers, who inspire me every day with their delicious recipes and enrich our menus with so many delicacies. Apart from that we get to know them better and their character is revealed from the things written in the few lines of a post or a comment. With some fellow co-writers we feel much closer and have already exchanged awards. I want to tell you that there are a lot of good blogs out there which I visit, may be not every day, and like very much, but still hesitate to leave comments. Maybe you’ll be bolder than me and comment first on my blog and if you do be sure that I will come back to your blog immediately.

The persons I have chosen for this award are the following:

a) Peter, of Kalofagas is like a son to me. He is the very first friend I made when I entered this virtual world. I strongly believe that sound friendships can develop and last for many years, let’s not forget the pen pals we had before the internet. Peter, the previous time I was awarded I left you out because I thought I could not offer you the award twice. So you deserve an award from me.

b) Peter, of Souvlaki for Soul, is another Greek, living in Australia this time. He makes wonderful creations and takes such good photos. I am bribing him with this award, maybe he’ll give me some good free tips on how to take good photos and not rush to take photos when the food is still hot and steaming.

c) Pixie, of You say tomahto I say Tomayto is the sweet girl from the Big Apple who lives in England (when I first met her I thought it was the other way round) and I enjoy reading her recipes and learning more about her mom’s recipes and the traditions of Malta.

d) Cakelaw, of Laws of the Kitchen, is a new friend and leaves such kind comments that I hope we will soon come to know each other better and become close friends.

e) Ben, of What’s Cooking? I have been reading his posts at other friends’ blogs and I like the kindness depicted on his face, as well as the sweet comments I have seen coming out of his heart. I had tried several times in the past to reach his blog through his profile but I couldn’t. Recently we became friends through Foodbuzz and although I have only commented a few times on his blog, I hope we shall become much closer.

There are still a lot of people I would like to give this award to and I hope I will do this soon.


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16 Responses

  1. Peter M

    Ivy, thank you so much for giving me such an honourable mention.

    Our love of food and sharing has brought us all together in this virtual world, amazing I think.

    I’m humbled to stand beside such wonderful bloggers…again Thank you!

  2. Pixie

    Hi Ivy,

    Thank you so very much. You are so very kind and highly deserving of this award!

    We have been to Athens while on a cruise and had the opportunity to visit Plaka, Samos and Mykonos. For me, the best part was eating all that wonderful Greek Food!


  3. Ben

    Hi Ivy,

    Thank you very much for your kind words and for this award. I am speechless 😀
    Sometimes I wish the day had more hours just to be able to visit and comment so many wonderful blogs out there. I do not know much about Greek food, but I want to learn more because the few Greek food I’ve had has been wonderful. I am so glad I’ve come in contact with great bloggers like Peter M, Peter and you. Thank you again and I shall pass the award to other 5 great bloggers soon.

    Cheers from this cold lands!

  4. JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

    This is just great! I am so enjoying all these heartfelt awards that are swirling around the blogosphere right now! Such a season of giving and recognition!

    I love the new look on your header too!

  5. Peter G

    Thanks Ivy…I’m speechless…It’s very kind of you. I appreciate it a lot. I will be posting some online photo tips soon. Ευχαριστω παρα πολλη!

  6. Ivy

    Peter, this is an award well deserved by all of you but as I said before I consider you as a son (actually I’m not that old) but I do have the same affection for you as I have for my sons.

    Pixie, pity I didn’t know you then. I actually lived in Samos for three years (Karlovassi).

    Ben, you are so right about the hours. Time is not enough and I really spend a lot of hours on the computer.

    Jenn, it is really nice to be appreciated by friends. Thanks for noticing the new header but I have some minor changes yet to do.

    Peter G, you are welcome but I was just kidding about the photo tips but if you insist I will be kind enough to accept them… 🙂

  7. Cakelaw

    Hi Ivy

    Thank you so much for this award – I feel very honoured. I hope that we can get to know each other better too. I love the stories and traditional Greek recipes on our blog, and have already learned a lot from “visiting” you.


  8. Ivy

    Thanks for accepting and look forward to a new friendship.

  9. Núria

    Good morning Starshine!!! You deserve so much the award, Ivy! I’m really happy for you 😀 😀 😀

    I remember being in Plakka… I was 28 years old only 🙁 time flyes! I have great memories of Athens and Mikonos ♥

  10. Ivy

    Good morning! If only I knew all of when we were younger at the time when you visited here. How great that would be 🙂

  11. Anamika:The Sugarcrafter

    Hi ivy
    I love your quote
    “Lose your temper and you lose a friend; lie and you lose yourself.”
    ~Hopi ~
    Thanks for passing by the blog. Hey just a thought, in indian context ‘namaste is to indian hospitality as kopiaste is to greek hospitality.
    Glad to be your friend and can learn a lot from you.

  12. Ivy

    Anamika, I love the creations you are making. You and Deeba are such artists. Thanks for explaining what namaste means because I see it all the time in Group Recipes and I didn’t know what it meant. Namaste in Greek means “here we are”.

  13. Bellini Valli

    Thank you so much Ivy for passing on the award to so many deserving people out there in the blogosphere. If ever you have the time you can see my own photos of Athens on the side bar of my blog. Look under the heading FAVOURITES and then Picasa Web Pages. I am sure you will see many familiar places there. I visited Athens at 3 different times during my stay and discovered something new each and ever time.

  14. Ivy

    I was beginning to be worried about you. I was planning to e-mail you later on. You’ve seen more of Greece than I have my friend. You have lovely pictures but tell me how did you get shots of the antiquities inside the museums? The last time I tried to get some photographs at Chania museum they were chasing me not to take pictures. Just managed to take a few.

  15. african vanielje

    Well deserved as it is always apparent how much time and effort you put into your posts

  16. Ivy

    Hi African Valielje, it’s so kind of you to say such sweet words. Thank you.