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Hi I’m back from Cyprus.
I had a terrific time in Limassol, (see new photos in my site- see: “My photos – landscapes from Cyprus”). I visited my relatives and friends and have brought with me lots of Cypriot recipes to share with you and which were prepared for me by my sisters and friends.

Cyprus is a very hospitable place and if you have relatives and friends (or even acquaintances) there is no way you will visit their house and they will not prepare not one meal but five or six excluding hors d’ oeuvres as well as sweets. Well I visited Cyprus for five days and I ate more than I would eat in a month.

Most of the food I ate, I know how to make them but two of these recipes I am giving you today as well as the salad, are not in my everyday menu. Stew rabbit, shiamishi and horiatiki salata.

The stew I make is with beef and tomato and it is delicious too. My sister, who gave me the recipes, adds honey and soy sauce and does not put tomato in it. It was delicious!

The sweet (shiamishi) is a traditional Cypriot one and the recipe is not so easy to find. The cream filling is quite easy but the secret is in the dough. This is also a very delicious sweet.

The salad is a Cypriot traditional one with fresh coriander (cilantro) which we cannot find in Greece, lettuce, tomatoes etc.


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